Service Rates (Baht)

Service Rates for Translation Thai-English-Thai/Page Other Languages
(Minimum Rate)/Page
Business Document 400 - 600.- 800.-
Specific Document 400 - 600.- 800.-
Government Document 350 - 500.- 800.-
Travel Fees and Service Rates for Legalization/Job/Time
Department of Consular Affairs 1,500-2,500.-  
Embassies 2,000-2,500.-  
Service Rates for Interpretation/Day (8 Hours)
English 6,500.-
Other Languages 8,000.-
More Than 8 Hours (Extra Rate/Hour)
English 1,500.-
Other Languages 2,000.-

Remark : The above rates are estimated rates. Please check the service rates with the office again.

Agreement for Receiving/Ordering Job and Paying/Receiving Service Fees between PS and Client

  1. PS and client agree on the service by telephone conversation and submit/receive the document for transaction.
  2. PS prepares the quotation/the job order/the invoice to be submitted to the client.
  3. The client affixes the signature to approve the job order on the quotation/the job order and send it back to PS.
  4. Contract of Employment (If Any)
  5. The client pays service fees as detailed on the invoice by transferring money to the bank account and email the transfer slip to PS for confirmation.

PS Translation Professional
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