With our high potential and strong commitment in translation and interpretation, PS strives to provide our clients with quality and rapid services.

PS has been incorporated by a team of professional translators and interpreters graduating in translation and having expertise and experiences both in Thailand and abroad. Clients can rest assured that PS understands the clients’ needs in translation and interpretation and responds to the clients’ needs efficiently and effectively, focusing mainly on service quality and rapidity.

PS Translation Professional
Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation Service

Types of Documents for Translation

Business Documents : Business Contract, Website, Advertisement, Promotion, Brochure, Leaflet, Manual, Industrial Machinery, Etc

Specific Documents : System Planning, International Standards - - ISO, GMP, HACCP, JCI, Thai Industrial Standard, Food and Drug Administration, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Education, Technology, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Etc.

Government Documents : Birth Certificate, Identification Card, Copy of House Registration, Name Change Certificate, Certificate of Marriage, Registration of Marriage, Certificate of Divorce, Registration of Divorce, Registration of Child Adoption, Birthplace Certificate, Certificate of Marital Status, Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, Police Report, Military Service Certificate, Medical Certificate, Degree, Transcript, Certificate of Company Registration, Commercial Registration Certificate, Memorandum of Association, Etc.

Interpretation Service
Interpretation Service in Thai – English – French – German – Japanese – Chinese – Korean – Thai, Internal and External, Individual and Group for Factory, Business Negotiation, Auditing, Meeting, Seminar and Product and Service Presentation

PS Translation Professional
“The management and the experts of all businesses have trust in the translation and the interpretation services of PS.”