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Medical Group
Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital - SiPH
Thabo Crown Prince Hospital
Kranuan Crown Prince Hospital
Vibhavadi Hospital PCL.
Nonthavej Hospital PCL.
Chularat 3 Hospital Thepharak PCL.
Aikchol Hospital PCL.
Srisawan Hospital Co., Ltd.
Kluaynamthai Hospital Co., Ltd.
Novacyl (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Covidien (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Merial (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Kluaynamthai 2 Hospital Co., Ltd.
Kluaynamthai Home Care
Kluaynamthai Clinic Asoke Branch Co., Ltd.
Ake Udon Hospital Co., Ltd.
Vibharam Hospital Co., Ltd.
Krabi Nakharin International Hospital Co., Ltd.
Overbrook Hospital Co., Ltd.
chiangmai Ram Hospital Co., Ltd.
Wuttisak Clinic Intergroup Co., Ltd.
Top Charoen Co., Ltd.
Accurate Technologies Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic Group
Nitipon Clinic Co., Ltd.
Industrial-Engineering-Law-Agricultural Group
Noble Development PCL.
Sansiri PCL.
Union Mosaic Industry PCL.
Compass East Industry (Thailand) PCL.
MEC Far East International PCL.
Mappointasia (Thailand) PCL.
Metro Engineering and Machinery Co., Ltd.
Summit Auto Seats Industry Co., Ltd.
Aurecon Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Star Flag Co.,Ltd. Mercedes-Benz
Authorized Dealer
Thaiyont Equipment Co.,Ltd.
The Pathumthani Concrete Co., Ltd
Thai Lee Wai Wai Food Industry Co., Ltd.
T.I.M Ship management co.,ltd.
Orion Machinery Asia Co., Ltd.
Geophysica Torun (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Soiha Intergroup Co., Ltd.
Ruamkit Rungrueng Group Co., Ltd.
Clasg (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
IM Pipe Co., Ltd.
Micro Biotech Co., Ltd.
Daiyu Seat (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Me Broadcating Co., Ltd.
Me Television Co., Ltd.
K2 Allied Component Co., Ltd.
Next Coating Co., Ltd.
Goodworld Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Bluemarine Stock Management Co., Ltd.
J.A.M. Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Financial-Technological-Educational-Advertising-Public Relations-Other Groups
Siam Computer and Language School
Easy Buy PCL.
VPLS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Bugnon International Solution Co., Ltd.
Qdot System Technology Co., Ltd.
A.N.O. Import Export Service
World Venture Co., Ltd.
The Plunge Villas Co., Ltd.
Industrial Provision Co., Ltd.
Asia Majestic Airline Co., Ltd.
House of Pro Studio Co., Ltd.
Narai Interfood (NIF) Co., Ltd.
Other Juristic Persons/Organizations and All Natural Persons

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